Wield the power of the gods in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Play as Fenyx, a new, winged demigod, on a quest to save the Greek gods and their home from a dark curse. Take on mythological beasts, master the legendary powers of the gods, and defeat Typhon, the deadliest Titan in Greek mythology, in an epic fight for the ages. You can watch the launch trailer for Immortals Fenyx Rising here.


  • Wield the power of the gods to confront mythological enemies and overcome heroic trials.
  • Explore a vibrant fantasy world as you traverse, climb, or glide across seven different regions—each inspired by the gods.
  • Build your own legend by customizing your character’s appearance, abilities, and gear. 

To learn more or purchase, visit https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/immortals-fenyx-rising-switch/.