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Crack open Book VII and more in the latest Fire Emblem Heroes update

Hello, summoners—the latest update to the Fire Emblem™ Heroes game (ver. 7.0.0) for smart devices brings all-new Book VII story content and much more! To celebrate, you can participate in the Book VII Begins: Seiðr and More summoning event and a Book VII Begins Celebration.

And not to worry—you can jump right into the story of Book VII even if you haven't completed Books I through VI.

Book VII story

The Order of Heroes battles alongside the summoner against Gullveig—the golden seer who has the power to manipulate time—and they fall in the conflict. Alfonse and his companions take the hand of Seiðr, a goddess of the realm of light Vanaheimr, to prevent this vision of the future from coming to pass.

5★ Mythic Hero Seiðr: Goddess of Hope will join your barracks if you clear Part 5 of Chapter 13 of Book VII on normal difficulty.

Be sure to watch the Book VII Opening Movie, woven together by the beautiful light Seiðr radiates and Gullveig's unsettling golden light!

Seiðr and more summoning event

In this event, Seiðr: Goddess of Hope is available as a part of the 5★ focus category along with new Heroes from the Fire Emblem Fates game, including Caeldori: Perfect Angel; Kiragi: Upbeat Archer; Dwyer: Sleepy Butler; and the Rearmed Hero Ophelia: Starlit Maiden.

Plus, Hans: Ambitious Brute will join your barracks if you can clear his Grand Hero Battle, which takes place Dec. 7, 11pm PT – Dec. 18, 10:59 pm PT.

Flap flap, catch up with Feh Channel

Check out the latest presentation to learn about characters that appear in Book VII, celebration events, new features, and more!

For more information about the Fire Emblem Heroes game, visit the official site: https://fire-emblem-heroes.com/en/