Nintendo Switch

Add more to your gameplay with paid DLC!

Have you ever reached the end credits of a game and thought to yourself, “Self, that game was fantastique* and I wish there was more to do in that world.”?

Well, luckily some games extend the fun with paid downloadable content! DLC can take many forms—from adding additional story content to playable characters to new levels to fancy outfits for your horse. While browsing around, you may also come across the term “expansion pass”—this kind of DLC gives you access to waves of content as they release.

Important note: Since DLC packs add content to previously released games, please keep in mind that you must own the full versions of these games to play the DLC (sold separately).

We hope you find something you like—happy gaming, everyone!

*“Fantastique” is the French word for “fantastic” in case you’re wondering. It’s entirely possible you may talk like this, but no worries if you don’t—just insert your favorite word in its place!