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Have a spooktacular season with Luigi in these haunted game locations!

The Luigi’s Mansion™ 2 HD game is coming out on June 27, which means the spoopy season is starting a bit early this year!

Since Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD has silly scares around (almost) every corner, we thought it’d be fun to revisit some frightfully fun areas in games where you can play as Luigi. After all, what better way is there to beat the summer heat than with some chilling locales?

Happy gaming, everyone!

Pre-order available: Luigi’s latest game is coming June 27! The Dark Moon has been shattered and its shards scattered. To get them back, Luigi must now explore haunted mansions, each with their own petrifying puzzles and distinct vibe. (Who’s decorating these mansions anyway?)

Looking for some R&R, our mustachioed hero takes a trip to the not-ominous-at-all Last Resort hotel. But, in true Luigi fashion, things don’t go according to plan. Now, Luigi and Gooigi need to work together to save Mario and friends. Each hotel floor is themed in surprising ways, from Garden Suites to an Unnatural History Museum!

For fans of Boo (or electricity-challenged courses) head on over to Light-Switch Mansion. Lights illuminate hidden walls and platforms, and Boos roam freely. Of course, the most perplexing part is when you grab the Wonder Flower—without spoiling too much, it’s, um, quite dramatic.

The third course of the Flower Cup will find you in a twisted mansion called…Twisted Mansion. This loopy locale features some creepy woods, gravity-defying hallways, and even a haunted sewer system. Yuck!

A soccer field right in the middle of a haunted house? Sure, why not?! Welcome to Spooky Mansion—as the name suggests, the stands are surrounded by chilling towers, antique lamps, and crooked chimneys. And don’t forget that you can mash up half of this stadium with a completely different one.

While not haunted in the traditional sense, Wildweather Woods is creepy in its own way! From erratic storms to Piranha Creepers, our green-clad guy better watch out as he hits these greens.

While you’ll find plenty of creepy villains and places in this strategy game, there are very few things in this galaxy that are as unnerving as Luigi’s Steely Stare Technique. We didn’t know you had it in you, Luigi!

Join Luigi and pals on this family-friendly, side-scrolling adventure. Your journey will take you to various spoopy locations, like Haunted Shipwreck, Swaying Ghost House, Which-Way Labrinth, and Spinning Spirit House. (And yes, there are Boos aplenty!)

Gaming icons clash in the ultimate brawl you can play anytime, anywhere. One of the many stages in the game is called Luigi’s Mansion. Depending on how intense the fight is, the whole thing may come crashing down!

Roll your dice and race to get the most stars (and sabotage your opponents) on five game boards—including the classic board named Horror Land. This haunted forest changes up things depending on if it’s day or night in the game. Oh, and beware of King Boo (or try to get to him first)—as usual, he’s up to no good!

Ah, it’s a perfect day for a tennis match…in a spooky court of all things. The floating mirrors of Mirage Mansion make things a bit trickier—hitting the ball into one of these mirrors will have it pop out of another one! Keep this in mind and you’ll be a (super)natural, kid.

Not finding the haunted house you want? Why, try building your own! Design the side-scrolling Super Mario™ course of your dreams and then play it as Luigi. Just don’t forget to add in some Boos—if there’s any takeaway you have from this article, it’s that Boos love haunted houses!