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Fall Guys Season 4: Creative Construction changes the game

Upload into a vast digital domain in Fall Guys Season 4 and take control into your own four-fingered bean hands to create the chaotic course of your dreams!

Fall Guys Creative unlocks incredible new ways to experience the Blunderdome, whether you tumble into new courses or become a master builder in Creative Rounds limited only by your imagination!

There are 50 new updates across Season 4, with 20 available from launch. Plus, an all-new multi-Fame Pass system replacing the Season Pass means reward unlocks remain fresh all season long!

As you can see, Season 4: Creative Construction is a great big builder’s step towards evolving the future of the Fall Guys game.

Download Fall Guys for free to start playing on your Nintendo Switch™ system!

To learn more, be sure to check out the Fall Guys Official Creative Construction Blog.