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Perfect Truck Bundle

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The perfect combination of two games, pure arcade gameplay in a world of Monster Trucks and a world without drivers. What would the world look like if you were in control of the streets?

Crazy Trucks
★ Party racing game for 1 to 4 players
★ Monster Truck themed arenas
★ Realistic, slightly crazy psychics
★ Dozens of trucks to choose from
★ Over 10 game modes with additional settings
★ Highscores to compare yourself with friends
★ Numerous tracks customized for game modes
★ Customizable victory conditions

Game modes:
★ Soccer - A soccer match designed for 1v1 or 2v2 players
★ Elimination - Clear the arena of your rivals before they get you
★ Storage Wars - Collect and store tires scattered across the map
★ Challenge - Jump over your rivals on the world's highest ramps
★ Endurance - Race against opponents on challenging tracks
★ Scrabble - Complete the slogan by collecting lost letters
★ Collect - Find items scattered throughout the arena
and more ...

Perfect Traffic Simulator
Imagine the world without drivers. It can't end well... unless you will control them before they start their journey!
Take control of each car on the streets and strategize your moves so cars driving on full speed smoothly pass by each other without waiting any second in the traffic! Each scenario will require different approach so please, be careful- with great power comes great responsibility.

- 30 challenging levels
- More than 20 different vehicles
- Realistic physics in all conditions
- Random weather and time of the day
- Chilling music which will drive you in a great mood

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Perfect Truck Bundle

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April 15, 2022


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1.2 GB