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My Horse Stories: Fancy DLC

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My Horse Stories

My Horse Stories

Train with Shadow and win competitions together, while showing off your brand new fancy collection!

With this DLC you'll unlock:
- marvelous black horse named Shadow
- long wavy hairstyle
- professional pink horse riding helmet
- beret with blue feathers
- black jeans
- white pants
- red sneakers
- tall black boots
- red long sleeve equestrian top
- yellow horse bridle with pink bows
- red-blue horse bridle with stars
- winged horse boots
- red-blue horse boots
- light brown saddle
- dark brown saddle with gold accents
- red-blue racing clothing for the horse and a red saddle
- 250 gems to buy clothes, energy, missing items for building improvements and more!

Boost your potential by partnering with Shadow and win competitions with confidence, while looking like a true champion!

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My Horse Stories: Fancy DLC

Product information

Release date

May 3, 2024


ESRB rating

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3 MB