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Mouse & Crane

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Ideal as a child’s first game, Mouse & Crane is a single or multiplayer adventure offering creative puzzle-solving moments through cooperation, upcycling and construction.

Adapted for children aged 4-7, the game features three best friends, Mouse, Crane and Electryna, who love to search for new tools and scraps they can use to build amazing things. Created in a hand-drawn and collage art style reminiscent of cozy picture books, it presents a harbor populated with surprising creatures such as the scrapcrabs and the bobcat kittens, but also yummy “mousemallows”.

The SOLO adventure is suitable for young children on their own thanks to specific accessibility features. It doesn’t require knowing how to read and can be played with a touch screen. With short gameplay stages that enable trial and error, Mouse & Crane befits different skill and experience levels.
In this mode, players control Crane’s arm. They start with just a hook to transport things like containers or Mouse himself, and progressively discover various upgrades such as a giant magnet to grab metal scraps and tools, or a wrecking ball for the most satisfying demolitions!

Mouse & Crane also shines in CO-OP with the child and parent (or an older sibling) working creatively together to solve puzzles that can't be completed alone, sharing digital moments. In this mode, one player plays as Crane while the other can make Electryna move and jump with fun motion controls, helping Mouse get new tools... Electryna’s swiftness and electric powers are a delight.

The game is produced by two studios from Denmark and Canada that are experienced in creating meaningful and wholesome experiences for children. Mouse & Crane shows the power of cooperation, creativity, upcycling and DIY crafting.

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Mouse & Crane

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Release date

June 21, 2024

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ESRB rating

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TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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984 MB

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English, French

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