Nintendo Switch

Mod Pack 1: Quality Fun

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Crystal Project

Crystal Project

A collection of fun and quality-of-life mods for Crystal Project.

Mods must be activated in-game using the mod selection menu to take effect. To activate mods, open the mod selection menu from New Game or Continue using the "Mods" button shown at the bottom-right of the screen. Enabled mods are then tied to save data and are automatically enabled when save data is loaded.

Mod Pack 1 contains the following mods:
- Appearance Passives: Allows setting a character's appearance to that of any class.
- Pointier Hat: Hides a bonus late-game hat somewhere in the world.
- Golden Quintar High Jump: Increases the jump height of the Golden Quintar from 2 blocks high to 3 blocks high.
- Cheap Maps: Reduces the cost of all maps.
- Cheap Teleport Shards n' Stones: Reduces the cost of all teleport shards and teleport stones.
- Learnable Innate Skills: Causes all innate class passives to become learnable.
- 1 PP Passives: Reduces the cost of all passives to 1 PP.
- Unrestricted Weapon Skills: Removes weapon type restrictions from all Weapon Skills.
- Free Maps: Speak with Nan at Old Nan's Watering Hole to optionally obtain all maps.
- Modern Kids: Modernizes the youthful vocabulary of the children in Capital Sequoia.

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Mod Pack 1: Quality Fun

Product information

Release date

April 24, 2024

ESRB rating

Game file size

4 MB