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Digital Shadows 

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Mato Anomalies

Digital Shadows is the first expansion for Mato Anomalies giving you the opportunity to dive deeper into the game's rich narrative. But this time, from ""the other side"".
Take control of Gram's android companion SkyEye and team up with Mist to explore the virtual dimension of Mato and free it from the digital threats lurking in the dark web.

This brand new cyberstory takes place late in the main game, giving some more insight into what happened between chapters 6 and 7.

Deeper Exploration

Digital Shadows extends the Mato lore into cyberspace with more individual character stories and the introduction of new villains.

Expanded Lairs

Are you ready for a challenge? Prepare for larger, complex maps filled with a variety of new enemies.

Upgraded Combat

Think you have a working strategy for all your fights? Might want to think again. With brand new Skills and Weapons, you will have a much wider range of options how to best your enemies.

Unlimited Challenges

Beating the DLC is by far not the endgame. Once completed, you will unlock exclusive roguelike lairs with endless levels and rare loot.

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Product information

Release date

August 3, 2023


ESRB rating

Game file size

571 MB