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Devil Slayer Raksasi: Incarnation of Darkness

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Devil Slayer Raksasi

Devil Slayer Raksasi

New challenges with new characters!

The first lord of the Pavilion of Spirits passed away, and it fell under the control of the three of them. The Reincarnation Trials became radical and weird everywhere. Those scholars who were focused on research also began to feel uneasy, as if something uncontrollable was happening.

A hidden plane exists at the Pavilion of Spirits, the secret base of three mysterious persons. Countless arcane implements brimming with energy riddle the area. This plane is called the [Pavilion of Darkness], the Reincarnation Trial's greatest secret.

A mysterious person used an ancient technique to create eight beings from Soul Crystals. These beings became known as the Charim.

While possessing their original memories, the Soul Crystals have distorted the Charim into beings of pure hatred and violence. The trial they undergo within the dark dimension is known as the Incarnation of Darkness. Should a Charim grow powerful enough, they can break free and cross the boundaries between dimensions to exact the revenge they so vehemently seek.

[Incarnation of Darkness]
The Incarnation of Darkness DLC comes with its own difficulty level. Anything can happen as the difficulty intensifies; the possibilities are endless.

[8 Charim Characters]
These brand-new characters come with unique weapons and talents. They are mighty indeed. But with great power comes great responsibility—the trials they face are even more terrifying.

[16 New Relics]
As the Charim gains further strength, each will unlock 2 new relics for a total of 16.

The Reincarnation Trial to save the world is going in a strange direction, will it bring hope or destruction?

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Devil Slayer Raksasi: Incarnation of Darkness

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November 30, 2023


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