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Culinary Cooking Master Simulator

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Become a Culinary Master! Cook, Experiment, and Conquer the Kitchen!

Welcome to the Culinary Cooking Master Simulator, where you embark on a delicious journey to become the ultimate culinary masterchef! Whether you're a seasoned home cook or a complete beginner,
this game offers an immersive experience that lets you hone your cooking skills, experiment with diverse ingredients, and create mouthwatering dishes from around the world.

- Realistic Cooking Mechanics: Experience the thrill of cooking with lifelike physics and realistic kitchen equipment. From chopping vegetables to flipping meat, every action feels authentic and immersive.
- Vast Array of Recipes: Choose from a diverse selection of recipes spanning and difficulty levels. From classic comfort foods to exotic delicacies, there's something for every palate.
- Ingredient Management: Manage your pantry and refrigerator to ensure you have the necessary ingredients for your recipes.
- Recipe Customization: Experiment with different ingredients and cooking techniques to create your signature dishes.
- Career Mode: Start as a novice cook and work your way up to becoming a renowned culinary master. Complete cooking challenges, earn rewards, and unlock new recipes as you progress through your career.
- Interactive Tutorials: Learn essential cooking skills with step-by-step guides. Master the knife and more!
- Burger Creation: Build your dream burger bar! Choose from tons of buns, patties, cheeses, and more. Craft the juiciest masterpiece!
- French Fry Mastery: Fry perfect fries! Cut, season, and fry to crispy perfection. Explore delicious dipping sauces!
- Soda Fountain Fun: Mix and match flavors for the fizzy drink of your dreams! Adjust the fizz for ultimate refreshment.

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Culinary Cooking Master Simulator

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May 11, 2024

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ESRB rating

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TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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365 MB

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