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BIG Kids & Toddlers Educational Learning Games Collection Bundle 5-in-1

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Game collection with the TOP FIVE most popular McPeppergames educational games for children and toddlers! All games can be played without language skills.

This big games collection contains the TOP FIVE McPeppergames KIDS GAMES!

Please note: Buying this bundle saves a lot of money compared to individual purchases!

Please note that none of the games contained here require the child to have any language skills. All learning games can be operated intuitively with your finger and are 100% self-explanatory.

This are the TOP FIVE KIDS GAMES in this games bundle:
Balloon Pop - Learning Games for preschool Kids & Toddlers:
A unique language learning game in which the basics of up to 14 languages worldwide can be learned playfully by bursting balloons. Don't be surprised if your child suddenly knows the alphabet or numbers from 0 to 10 in 14 languages.

Funny Farm Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Game:
A high quality jigsaw puzzle game with lots of farm animals. The level of difficulty is adjustable: number of pieces, rotation on/off, help. The unique animal illustrations make the game so popular with children worldwide.

Animal Puzzle - Preschool Learning Game:
Like the Jigsaw Puzzle before it, this game offers unique entertainment with great learning effects. It is a wooden puzzle for preschoolers and anyone who enjoys inserting animals into shapes.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles:
A child-friendly jigsaw puzzle game with funny scary motifs. Educational game for Halloween or for all friends of funny, spooky children's motifs with a fun factor. The level of difficulty of this game can also be freely adjusted, making it ideal for all children of all ages.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles:
Who doesn't love them, the dinosaurs!? This jigsaw puzzle brings you into the world of dinosaurs. Fascinating dinosaurs and volcanoes await you. Level of difficulty freely adjustable.

Please note: All of the games in this game bundle use the touchscreen functionality only.

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April 14, 2022


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