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Arcade Fusion Bundle

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A blast from the past with "XPOSED SWITCHED," where you'll draw rectangles to reveal hidden landscapes and beat tough levels.

Then, dive into the adventure of "The Crystals of Atlantis.


Draw rectangles to uncover the background area. Expose enough to complete the level.
Uncover unique backgrounds and hit the highest score while mastering your skills.
Simple controls, demanding levels, but a rewarding experience.

-3 types of terrain - be careful where you go!
-4 different powerups are randomly available during the play.
-8 types of enemies will stand in your way to victory.
-48 levels waiting to be uncovered.

This game is not easy. You've been warned!


A story-based puzzle game, where players take on the role of an intrepid archaeologist working to solve the mystery of Atlantis.

Game modes:
• Adventure mode - travel around the world, and take part in the excavation of ancient treasures leading you ever closer to solving the mystery of Atlantis.
• Classic mode - enjoy a quick match-3 game in the location of your choice and at a difficulty level that suits you.

• 4 unique locations Egypt, Inca Temple in South America, and more!
• 70 different levels.
• 4 power-ups (e.g., Bomb, TNT, Thunder) and a special Super Power.
• Various unique level types e.g., collecting the pieces of an item, or revealing the hidden map.

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Arcade Fusion Bundle

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April 23, 2024


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651 MB