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Touhou Fujinroku Arrangements Pack

This “Touhou Fujinroku Arrangements Pack” contains brand new arrangements of six popular Touhou Fujinroku songs and six challenge stages go to with each song!
The new artists added to this set are Shuzou Sekkenya in his solo act, ZEKKENYA, and the beloved melodic metal band Unlucky Morpheus, aka Ankimo!

This pack contains the following:

■6 Songs
・The flower of love dyed red / Yuuhei Satellite
・Kamigami ga Koishita Gensoukyou / Unlucky Morpheus
・Hatate's Bakkoi Murder Case / IOSYS
・Hands(feat. AO, Rapbit) / TamaOnSen
・Ritual Sign "Song of the Divine Play" / Diao ye zong

■Six challenge stages total
・Lv. 4: Eyes Burning With Love? (The flower of love dyed red)
・Lv. 5: There You Go (YAKUPURI)
・Lv. 6: Been Waiting for You! (Kamigami ga Koishita Gensoukyou)
・Lv. 7: Paparazzi Papparazzi (Hatate's Bakkoi Murder Case)
・Lv. 8: Now Throw Your Hands Up in the Air! (Hands(feat. AO, Rapbit))
・Lv. 10: The Pride of a Pro? (Ritual Sign "Song of the Divine Play")

* Internet connection required for purchase.
* Game must be restarted after songs are purchased in order to use them.

Touhou Fujinroku Arrangements Pack

Supported play modes




Release date

July 22, 2021


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

3 MB