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Touhou Eiyashou Arrangements Pack

This new Music pack, "Touhou Eiyashou Arrangements Pack” contains new arrangements of six popular Touhou Eiyashou (Eternal Night) songs and six challenge stages go to with each song!
The new artist added to this set is THE OTHER FLOWER!

This pack contains the following:

■6 Songs
/ Original song: Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle
・Star-Colored Night Sky / R-Note (Yellow Zebra)
/ Original Song: Love-Colored Master Spark
・...Tewi! ~Eientewi Ver ~ / Sekkenya
/ Original Song: Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome
・MoonJumper / Diao ye zong
/ Original Song: Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon
/ The Rabbit Has Landed
・Profusion of Flowers / Yuuhei Satellite
/ Original Song: Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess
・Flame of fate / THE OTHER FLOWER
/ Original Song: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke

■6 challenge stages total.
・Lv. 4: Let the Feast Commence? (Kyou En)
・Lv. 5: An Unending Night (Star-Colored Night Sky)
・Lv. 6: Can't Stop, Won't Stop(...Tewi! Eientewi Ver~)
・Lv. 7: Bouncing Ball Bunny (MoonJumper)
・Lv. 8: Youmu Konpaku, Still Needs Training ④
(Profusion of Flowers)
・Lv. 10: The Fiery Immortal and the Cool Ghost
(Flame of fate)

* Internet connection required for purchase.
* Game must be restarted after songs are purchased in order to use them.

Touhou Eiyashou Arrangements Pack

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Release date

April 15, 2021


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Handheld mode, Tabletop mode, TV mode

Game file size

3 MB