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The Zombie Smasher - Dead Apocalyptic Killer Car Driving & Parking Games Survival

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Are you ready to drive for your life? Zombies, zombies and even more zombies seem to roam free in the area! It looks like you’re the only one human left in all of this mess and if you don’t want to become a walking piece of flesh yourself, you have only one way to end this madness!
Get behind the wheel and use the force of velocity to destroy and erase the zombies from existence. Experience the game by trying out different vehicles! Explore 3 complete immersive maps by completing 15 challenging levels!
Get behind the wheel and crush all zombies to the last! Stop the zombies from taking the world over! You are the only survivor left who can take care of this dirty situation!
Game features:
- 8 post-apocalyptic vehicles to choose
- Upgrade system to be the Zombie Smasher :)
- 15 levels to play
- 3 maps

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Release date

September 22, 2022

No. of players

ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Handheld mode

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248 MB

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