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Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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Voyagez vers le pays de Labrynna et devenez un héros à travers les âges!

Transcend the very fabric of time with the Harp of Ages. Rescue Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, to save the Land of Labrynna from Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, who will pitch the world into an endless night.

Travelling through time presents Link with unique challenges. If a river blocks Link's path in the present, he can travel to the past and move a stone, redirecting the flow of water. If he plants seeds in the past, he'll find full-grown trees and vines when he returns to the present.


Released on the Game Boy™ Color system in 2001, The Legend of Zelda™: Oracle of Ages™ and The Legend of Zelda™: Oracle of Seasons™ represent the pinnacle of classic 2D Zelda gameplay. Now you can play these classics on your Nintendo 3DS™ system!

When played together, these two games offer an ultimate adventure not possible when each game is experienced on its own. The games feature a link system that unlocks access to additional content that you can't access any other way.

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Mild Violence

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May 29, 2013


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5 MB