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Special Music Pack Vol. 5

Special Song Arrangement Pack Vol. 5 is here, and it's filled with hits!
Popular songs by Amane-san and beatMario like "Shiawase Usagi" and rhythm game favorite, "Hakanakimono Ningen,"
as well as the overseas hit, "Tiny Little Adiantum" are all included in this special variety pack!
Amane-san from COOL&CREATE has stepped up to the challenge!

This pack contains the following:

■6 Songs
・Shiawase Usagi / Amane + beatMario (COOL&CREATE)
・Unable to do Anything But Sing / Sekkenya
・Hakanakimono Ningen / BUTAOTOME
・Ougon Kouro / TaNaBaTa
・IZAYOISAKUYAtonare / AbsoЯute Zero
・Tiny Little Adiantum / ShibayanRecords

■6 Challenge Stages
・Lv4 Be Honest? (Shiawase Usagi)
・Lv5 Golden Opportunity! (Ougon Kouro)
・Lv7 Ain't Easy Bein' Human (Hakanakimono Ningen)
・Lv8 Is It You? (Tiny Little Adiantum)
・Lv9 I'm Gonna Sing! (Unable to do Anything But Sing)
・Lv10 By Your Side Always (IZAYOISAKUYAtonare)

*Internet connection required for purchase.
* Game must be restarted after songs are purchased in order to use them.

Special Music Pack Vol. 5

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Release date

October 14, 2021


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Handheld mode, Tabletop mode, TV mode

Game file size

3 MB