Nintendo Switch

Special Music Pack Vol. 2

This is Vol. 2! Get new arrangements of 6 popular Toho songs
accompanied by 6 challenge stages.
This collection features 2 new artists:
DiGiTAL WiNG and R-note!

This pack includes the following content.

■6 Songs
 ・Kero⑨destiny / Silver Forest
 ・Paranoia / DiGiTAL WiNG
 ・The Crimson Shadow / Diao ye zong
 ・The Night Circus / Liz Triangle
 ・The Moon, You, the Eternity and / R-note
 ・RESPEC FUJIN / beat Mario

■6 Challenge Stages
 ・Lv. 4 Izayoi's Moon and the Eternal You (The Moon, You, the Eternity and)
 ・Lv. 5 Subconscious Fantasy (Paranoia)
 ・Lv. 6 Does Cirno Want a Snack? (Kero⑨destiny)
 ・Lv. 8 Preestablished Harmony (The Crimson Shadow)
 ・Lv. 9 Nighttime Training! (The Night Circus)
 ・Lv. 10 Let's Go! Bunbunmaru Newspaper (RESPEC FUJIN)

* Game must be restarted after songs are purchased in order to use them.

Special Music Pack Vol. 2

Supported play modes




Release date

December 17, 2020


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Handheld mode, Tabletop mode, TV mode

Game file size

4 MB