Nintendo 3DS

Scoop'n Birds

Here's the scoop:
Birds are in ridiculously high demand. There's only one solution: scoop em up!

Handle your scoop with finesse to grab the perfect set of birds for each customer.

With enough skill and practice, your store will definitely not blow up.

Keep it up and your boss -- Alice Scooper -- is sure to promote you!

This game features:

  • True to life scoop physics that perfectly simulate what it's like to work for a crazy person at a bird store.
  • Tools of the trade to unlock and master including the classic yellow scoop, an ice cream cone... even bunny slippers!
  • Awesome power-ups like a black hole and chick magnet!
  • Plenty of secrets and easter eggs -- both literally and figuratively!
  • Cool explosions!
  • Amazing tunes for your ear holes!

Release date

April 12, 2017


ESRB rating

Game file size

102 MB