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Our Summer Sports

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It's time for some summer fun! The competition heats up in this series of sports contests!

Beat the heat with some thrilling summer games!
Pass around the Joy-Con™ controllers and compete with up to four players!

From Surfing to Jet Ski
and even the Water Slider,
there are ten exciting sports to try!

Collect coins as you take on
all the games in Single Player mode!
Become the Summer Sports Champion!

- Surfing -
Pull off tricks while riding the waves!

- Jet Skiing -
Blast though the waves at high speeds!

- Scuba Diving -
Take pictures of aquatic creatures underwater!

- Beach Volleyball -
Work as a team to score the most points!

- Golf -
Take a swing and aim for the cup!

- Water Slider -
Go with the flow to master the slide!

- Beach Flags -
It's a wild dash to grab the most flags!

- Road Racers -
Race your vehicle to victory!

- Beach Soccer -
Kick off a soccer match on a sandy field!

- Canoeing -
Ride the currents while racing to the goal!

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July 7, 2022

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TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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292 MB

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