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Nintendo Switch

Loco Motive

A comedic whodunit railway adventure!

Welcome aboard the Reuss Express, a journey of a life-time derailed by an unexpected assassination.

On the eve of a landmark speech by the wealthy heiress Lady Unterwald, a straight-laced lawyer, a crime novelist-turned rookie detective, and an undercover spy find themselves embroiled in a murder, a mystery, and worst of all… an adventure! Now stuck onboard a luxurious steam train, within stabbing distance of a cold-blooded killer, the race is on to prove their innocence once and for all!

Play as Diana, Arthur and Herman to unwrap the mystery and put your point and click puzzle-solving skills to the test...

■ A comedy adventure that hits like smooth jazz, set onboard a 1930s express train
■ Take control of three playable characters, in an interlinking comedic adventure
■ Uncover a deadly mystery, full of twists, turns and slapstick humour
■ Meet a train-full of quirky and somewhat suspicious fellow passengers
■ Stop at nothing to solve item-based puzzles, that won’t leave you head scratching for hours
■ Choose how you play, by taking direct interactive character control, or opting for a classic point and click experience
■ Beautifully detailed pixel art animations
■ Need a little nudge in the right direction? Telephone for assistance with an in-game hint call-line!
■ Voice acted, with the slinky sounds of composer Paul Zimmerman (Space Haven)

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