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Nintendo 3DS

Kutar Concert Staff

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Kutar is the character who has an incredible expressionless emotions that can't be distinguished by laughing or crying.

Kutar is not a dog, cat or bear.

Kutar is always Kutar no matter where he is going or doing.

Though being so expressionless, when Kutar wants to laugh, cry, love or be angry, all feelings are still very ordinary.

No matter what happenes, the emotions will not changed. Even a desperate situation arrives, Kutar will just inflate his body and overcome. What a wonderful Yuru-chara.

The lovely and funny Kutar game series is everywhere! Just finish the quest's challenges with simple controls.

This time Kutar joins the staff of a Live audience, and keeps pushing back the audience away from the lines!

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Release date

November 9, 2016


ESRB rating

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18 MB