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Farm Together - Sugarcane Pack

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Farm Together

Plenty of Pirate themed content for Farm Together, such as new outfits, decorations and farm items to plant and harvest!

* New crop: Sugarcane
* Two new outfits (male and female) with four different skins each
* New hat with four skins
* New glasses: Eyepatch
* New earring: Pirate Earring
* New face paint (male): Pirate moustache
* New pet skin: Blue Macaw Parrot
* New backpack: Ship Anchor
* New building: Grog Distillery
* New farm decorations: Cannon, Message in a Bottle, Treasure Chest
* New fence: Pirate Pole
* New house: Pirate Hideout
* New house decorations: Ship Helm, Loot Boxes, Porthole, Wooden Grating Hatch, Ship Lanterns, Bunk Bed, Pirate Map and Crossed Sabres
* New house door
* Two new house wallpapers and a new house floor

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Product information

Release date

July 19, 2019

ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB