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Curious Expedition 2 - Shores of Taishi

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Curious Expedition 2

The Shores of Taishi DLC features a brand new island type (the Celestial Shores) with new tile types, items, locations, enemies, recruitable characters and more. Once the DLC is activated it will expand possibilities across the entire game, both in Campaign Mode and Director Mode.

Full feature list:
• New island type: Celestial Shores, with a completely new set of tiles, a new game mechanic related to teleporting between islets and the new Peacock Tribe
• 6 new Recruitable characters: Red Panda, Tanuki, Ghost Catcher, Warrior Peacock, Shaman Peacock, Scout Peacock
• 6 new Enemies: Ushi Oni, Dangkang, Spectral Tiger, Spectral Snake, Tanuki Enforcer, Tanuki Motivator
• 4 new Locations: Animal Shelter, Bath House, Wild Tanukis, Rite of Passage
• 6 new pieces of Equipment: Bo Staff, Guandao, Jian, Bamboo Hatchet, Geta Sandals, Bagua Mirror
• 7 new Sanity Items: Zongzi, Sake, Lo Mai Chi, Chinese Tea, Go Board, Peach, Bamboo Flute
• 7 new Trophies: Tanuki Testicles, Dangkang Tusk, Ushi-Oni Leg, Red Panda Fur, Phoenix Ashes, Spectral Tiger Pelt, Giant Spectral Snake Skin
• 4 new Levels to unlock at the Taishi Academy Explorer Club in Paris, giving access to 1 Recruitable character and 3 pieces of Equipment

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June 23, 2022


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