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Concordia: Digital Edition - Venus

This expansion contains two additional maps - Ionium and Hellas - and a new team game mode that all add variety and new challenges to the game.

Venus offers players a team variant of classic Concordia for 4 to 6 players divided into teams of two. The team partners win and lose together and are affected by each other’s actions.
Ionium is a map with two variants - a large 30 City map and a small 22 City map, which introduces a land bridge between the ancient cities of Brundisium and Apollonia; Land Colonists can cross it, but can not stay on that connection.
Hellas is a medium sized map with 25 Cities and 10 Provinces and no additional rules.

Partner-up and re-discover Concordia today!

Concordia: Digital Edition - Venus

Release date

April 30, 2022


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB