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Concordia: Digital Edition - Fish Market

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Concordia: Digital Edition

This expansion contains two additional maps - Balearica and Cyprvs - and the Fish Market variant that add variety and new challenges to the game:

Fish Market is an alternative variant of the game that changes the mechanics of Bonus Goods, replaces Prefectus Magnus with Prefectus Piscatus, adds Fish as trading Good, and a whole new Fish Market phase!
Balearica is a 22 City map with 9 Provinces and no Capital City. Colonists initially start at sea and later are recruited in player-controlled Cities. In addition, this map changes the Sea movement mechanics.
Cyprvs is a large 30 City map with 12 Provinces. While it doesn’t introduce any additional mechanics the number of Cities and Provinces poses a whole new chalenge in itself!

Fish out new challenges in your Concordia games today!

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Release date

December 30, 2022


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB