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Nintendo Switch

Concordia: Digital Edition - Aegyptus & Creta

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Concordia: Digital Edition

An official DLC to Concordia: Digital Edition adding two new maps - Aegyptus and Creta with their unique mechanics - all of which will add variety and new challenges to your games!

This expansion contains two additional maps - Aegyptus and Creta that add variety and new challenges to the game:

Aegyptus is a 22 City, 10 Province map that introduces trade routes that may be occupied by more than one Colonist, a flood mechanic that increases food yields, and additional trade for francincense and gold.
Creta is a small 20 City, 9 Province map that introduces a variable production 1 City Province.

Take this golden opportunity to beat new challenges in Concordia today!

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Release date

April 30, 2022


ESRB rating

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3 MB