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BIG Toddlers and Kids Bundle - 9 in 1

The games contained in this package are:

Puzzles for Toddlers & Kids: Animals, Cars and more
The ultimate puzzle collection for kids. Easy to use "Drag and Drop" puzzles for ages two and up. Now with 180 puzzles!

Balloon Pop for Toddlers & Kids - Learn Numbers, Letters, Colors & Animals
This fun and motivational game teaches numbers, colors, animal names and the alphabet, just by popping balloons! Multiple spoken languages are available.

Car Wash – Cars & Trucks Garage Game for Toddlers & Kids
Do you like cars, trucks, police cars, fire trucks, excavators and lots of cool vehicles? Then you're in the right place! This game contains 25 different vehicles that you can wash and clean!

Baby Puzzle - First Learning Shapes for Toddlers
A puzzle collection for even the smallest toddlers. Super-easy to use “Drag and Drop” puzzles for early childhood. Now with 120 puzzles!

Sir Tincan - Adventures in the Castle
This lovely designed interactive picture book for children from two years onwards accompanies Sir Tincan on his adventurous everyday life in the medieval castle.

Animal Learning Puzzle for Toddlers and Kids
An all-new cute animal puzzle game featuring over 80 adorable animals! Playful learning of animal names for Toddlers and Kids thanks to voice output in many different languages!

Animal Fun for Toddlers and Kids
A beautiful game designed for (and with the help of) small children of ages two and up.
Tap the different animals to interact with them and hear their common sounds or other funny noises. Some animals and little surprises are hidden within the game. Can you find all secrets?

Animal Pairs - Matching & Concentration Game for Toddlers & Kids
Find matching pairs in this popular card game. Play alone or with up to four players. Customize the playfield from 2x2 to up to 8x8 cards. Suitable for all ages.

Animals for Toddlers
A beautiful and funny game designed for (and with the help of) very small toddlers and kids.

All games are designed to be played with touch-controls only!

BIG Toddlers and Kids Bundle - 9 in 1

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Release date

February 19, 2022


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Handheld mode

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1.2 GB