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Nintendo 3DS

Azure Striker GUNVOLT

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The evolution of 2D Action games!! When lightning strikes, a new legend will be born.

"Azure Striker GUNVOLT" is a 2D side-scrolling action game. The heroe's agility and control over lightning create a fresh approach to the genre that gives the player a unique feeling of speed and power.

  • Pierce your enemies with the devastating power of lightning! Gunvolt uses a lethal technique called “Flashfield”, which will always hit locked-on enemies. The more advanced players can try to reach a higher score by defeating 2 or more enemies at once.
  • The song of the heroine "Lumen" gives power to Gunvolt! Even if Gunvolt during the battle, he can be revived by the song power of Lumen and fight again. And when player piles up scores without suffering damage, the background music turns into her song.
  • At the end of each stage, a powerful boss will be awaiting the player! Fully voiced mid-battle conversations increase the player's excitement exponentially.

Azure Striker Gunvolt has been recharged and loaded up with brand new features!

  • Beat the game to unlock the new Boss Rush mission! Get 1000+ Kudos during Boss Rush to hear the English version of Beyond the Blue!
  • Lumen’s brand new song “Sakura Efflorescence” now plays during normal mission playthroughs!
  • Use the ZL Button and ZR Button to change your weapon on the fly! Enjoy higher CPU power and shorter loading times too!
  • Transfer save data from the demo version to the full version while retaining all items and credits!
  • Various big fixes have been implemented.

Update your game now and enjoy the charged up Version 1.2!

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Release date

August 28, 2014

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328 MB

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