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Nintendo Switch

Animal Puzzle - Preschool Learning Game for Kids and Toddlers

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The ultimate children's game educational puzzle for preschoolers with lovingly designed animals and lots of funny illustrations for children and toddlers.

This animal plug-in peg puzzle educational game has been specially developed for young children of kindergarten age and for preschoolers.

Dear parents: Please note that this game does not require your child to speak any language. The game does not contain any text or speech output and works intuitively using easily understandable symbols and graphics. It is therefore perfectly suitable for all countries and languages!

The puzzle game contains many great, funny and unique animal motifs suitable for children.

Please note that this puzzle only supports touchscreen functionality. The menu and the scenes can only be played with the touch controls!

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Release date

September 2, 2021

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Handheld mode

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172 MB

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