Release Date : 11/16/09 Wii Points : 1,500
Genre : Action Number of Players : 1 to 4
Supported Controller: : Wii Remote, Classic Controller, GameCube Controller (for 2 of more players)

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A Brand new kind of Pokémon Action!
Play as a Toy Pokémon! This game takes place in a world filled with wind-up Toy Pokémon rather than real Pokémon. Battle through the game collecting strong Toy Pokémon as you go! Easy-to-use controls keep the action moving and the attacks coming! Each Pokémon has attacks that are easily executed in real-time. Certain attacks will even target multiple Pokémon at once. Battle cooperatively with up to 4 players at once (additional controller required and are sold separately)! Teaming up with friends to play through the game together makes it even more fun! Take on multiple Pokémon at once! Foes surround you in this action-packed game!
Easy-to-use controls make it easy for anyone to pick up and play! Switch quickly between Pokémon in your team to find the best one for battle! Fight to see who will be left standing in Battle Royale! Survive to the end and raise your rank!
<empty>Team up with friends in battle!
Up to 4 friends can team up at once and battle! Each friend controls a toy Pokémon to take on tough boss Pokémon, or participate in the Battle Royale as a team. Pokémon Rumble lets you transfer toy Pokémon to your Wii Remote and take your favorite Toy Pokémon to a friends house to battle on their Wii console!
Conquer 4 different grades of battle royale!
Each rank is divided into 6 different stages where you'll face a giant boss Pokémon at the end! Collect Toy Pokémon and "P" ( the money in the game) to build a powerful Pokémon team and get ready for the final stage of each Rank, the Battle Royale!
Get Toy Pokémon you've defeated in battle and add them to your collection. Collecting strong Toy Pokémon is the key to being the last Pokémon standing in the Battle Royale! Collecting strong Toy Pokémon will unlock the Battle Royale stage in each Rank. Complete it in order for you to advance to the next Rank. Watch out for powerful boss Pokémon along the way. At the end of each stage is a giant boss Pokémon who is bent may halt your journey to the Battle Royale!
Some Pokemon have special aliases.
While collecting Toy Pokémon, you'll occasionally come across Pokémon with a Special Trait which give it special powers. For example, the "Speedy" Special Trait will incease your speed, while the "Healthy" Special Trait will cause your HP to gradually heal automatically. There are numerous other Special Traits to discover!
Prepare for battles at "Terminals"
Terminals are situated in each rank of Pokémon Rumble. Here you can get new Moves for your toy Pokémon, check details of toy Pokémon you've collected, and of course, start a multiplayer game with friends.
Use P you've earned at various terminals to teach your Pokémon new Moves, or even buy new Toy Pokémon to add to your collection.
You can check out information on the Toy Pokémon you've collected here. Look over data, such as Moves and Special Traits, before battle to be most effective.

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*Broadband internet access required for online play. For more information, go to support.nintendo.com.
** Use a Nintendo Points Card™ to redeem Wii Points, or purchase points directly to your Wii console with a credit card.
***My Pokémon Ranch is only compatible with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions.
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