Mario's making tracks

Globe-Trotting Guide

Wait, WHAT?! Bowser and Peach Tie the Knot?!

Princess Peach, kidnapped from underneath Mario's nose AGAIN. But what's this? Bowser's intending to marry her? And he's set off around the world making preparations for the big day. So Mario's hot on his heels saying marry-oh no you don't! Only the Broodals are doing everything they can to stop him.



Obstructive Wedding Planners


A Curious Cappy Companion

Mario's partner in his pursuit of Bowser is Cappy, an "in-hat-itant" of the Cap Kingdom who's morphed into Mario's trademark red hat. Cappy's superpowers are just what Mario needs to keep ahead of the game! He can even exercise mind-control over enemies by hanging on their heads!

New Cap Throwing Action!

WORLD GUIDE -FOSSIL FALLS- On your travels you'll see places you've never seen and meet people you've never met before. Leave no stone unturned in each kingdom, and you're sure to find plenty of surprises.

In Search of Surprise

Board the airship Odyssey and set off on an adventure through many and varied worlds. Collect the Power Moons scattered through the kingdoms to fuel and power-up the Odyssey so you can travel to even more tantalising locations!

Spectacular Sights to See

The Odyssey An airship shaped like a hat. Though grounded for years, all it needs is Power Moon fuel to give it lift again!