Explore the unknown

For Extra Amazing Adventures

Features to facilitate your adventuring, sets of items you suddenly find yourself desperate to complete... Let's take a look at some of the game elements that make your adventuring extra amazing!

01 Gather items strewn far and wide!

Hunt out hidden Power Moons and regional coins!

Power Moons, that fuel the Odyssey, and special regional coins only accepted in the land where they're found, are scattered throughout the kingdoms. And some of them aren't so easy to find...

Souvenirs and outfits aplenty to acquire!

If you can find enough coins, it's time to hit the shops! There's a breathtaking breadth of stock with something for every occasion and mood. You can even decorate the Odyssey in your own inimitable style!

02 Say bye to stress withAssist Mode! The perfect mode of play for action-shy adventurers

Had a nasty fall? No problem! In exchange for a life, you can float straight back to safety. Low on energy? No trouble! You can heal just by standing still.

Lost? There are arrows on the map to show you which way to go!

Can't find any Power Moons? Just ask a Talkatoo or a Hint Toad for some advice!* Some advice may not be relevant.

03 Make a new minigame high score!

You'll find all kinds of minigames along the way in your adventure. Different ones in different places, too. I wonder, could there be a reward if you smash the high score...?

If you're connected to the Internet, you'll be able to check out the global ranking of players around the world.

Balloon World

After clearing the game, speak to Luigi in each kingdom to gain access to his Balloon World game. The better you know each area, the faster you'll get where you need to be, and the more points you'll score!

Internet connection required.

Hide it! Take a balloon and hide it wherever you like in the kingdom.

Find it! Find a balloon hidden by another player!

Hide it! Hide it!

Find it! Find it!

In either mode, if you succeed within the time, your ranking goes up according to your score!

Koopa Freerunning Races

Koopa Freerunning Race to the finish in the kingdom of your choice! You just need to avoid the obstacles and beat the Koopa contestants over the line!

Jump-Rope Challenge

Jump-Rope Challenge Get your timing just right and keep jumping the rope to win. But stay sharp! The rope gets faster and faster the more times you jump!

RC Car Challenge

RC Car Challenge Race your radio-controlled car around the track three times and cross the line first to win.

The Bound Bowl Grand Prix

The Bound Bowl Grand Prix A legendary icy, dicey Snow Kingdom race in which only Shiverians can take part. Bounce and roll "chillfully" around the circuit three time sand cross the line first to win. * Available after clearing Snow Kingdom.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball The national sport of the Seaside Kingdom and everyone's favourite! Hit the ball back to the opponent's side of the court without letting it hit the ground. * Available after clearing Seaside Kingdom.