Your travel companion, Cappy

New Cap Throwing Action!

Run, jump, roll! You still have all the old moves to carry you through, but now you can adventure on a whole new level with the help of your trusty partner, Cappy!

Cappy A Cap Kingdom local who's after Bowser with Mario since the King Koopa kidnapped his sister, Tiara. He's brimming with mischievousness, if a little timid at times.

【1】Hit enemies and obstacles with a hat attack!

A well-placed cap throw can down the enemy. When thrown at objects, Cappy can destroy them or trigger some action.

Throw it your way!

You don't just have to throw Cappy straight ahead. You can go up or down, or give him some spin, even!

Hat's a great foothold!

You can even make Cappy hover in the air for a while (in a "hold" throw), and that means you can jump off him to get to places that were out of reach before!

【2】Capture and control enemiescap-style!

Throw Cappy on an enemy's head or atop an object, and you "capture" it so it's under your control. Depending on who or what you capture, you can do different things, so make sure you capitalise on it to the full!

  1. Uproot
  2. Chain Chomp
  3. Cheep Cheep
  4. Sherm
  5. Lava Bubble
  6. Moe-Eye
  7. Goomba
  8. Bullet Bill
  9. Hammer Bro
  10. T-Rex
Uproot A ball on long legs. Spring your way to sensational heights!
Chain Chomp That steely body can wreck even the hardest rock wall!
Cheep Cheep A wise choice in water. Swim anywhere without taking a breath!
Sherm Worried about running out of ammo? Not anymore!  Fire at will!
Lava Bubble Laugh in the face of lava! And shake the Joy-Con™ to jump even higher!
Moe-Eye A prize pupil, this one. With those smooth shades on, the invisible becomes visible!
Goomba Get jumping on other Goombas. Stack up a few, and you've got yourself a Goomba Tower to control!
Bullet Bill Take flight at top speed! Hold down the button to accelerate, or shake the Joy-Con™ for an even greater burst of speed!
Hammer Bro Repeatedly hit the enemy at distance with a hammer. ...Or is that a frying pan in certain kingdoms?
T-Rex Walk with your head held high. Very high! And just wreak dinosaury havoc!
  • Uproot
  • Chain Chomp
  • Cheep Cheep
  • Sherm
  • Lava Bubble
  • Moe-Eye
  • Goomba
  • Bullet Bill
  • Hammer Bro
  • T-Rex



P1 controls Mario P2 controls Cappy

Sharing the fun between two players

With one of you controlling Mario and one controlling Cappy, you can have some great cooperative play. Split the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con™ with a friend and adventure together!