Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Supporting a safe and fun environment
for your child’s gaming experience

"Is my child playing video games too much?"

"What kinds of games are they playing?"

"Are they running into difficulties?"

As parents and guardians are concerned about what their children are doing,
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is a free app that can connect to your Nintendo Switch console so you can easily check what and how your children are playing right from your smartphone.

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Is my child playing video games too much?

Keep an eye on how long your child is playing.

Once you set how long your child may play, an alarm will sound once that limit is reached. Even if they get lost in the game and lose track of time, they'll know it's time for a break.

You can use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls to check that your child is respecting agreed-upon time limits.
You can even turn "Suspend Software" feature on, so that the game automatically stops once the limit is reached.

What kinds of games are they playing?

See what your child is playing.

With the report feature, you can tell in a single glance which games your child has been playing.

Aside from checking in on their day-to-day gaming, you can also receive monthly reports and push notifications.

You can find out what kinds of games currently capture your child's imagination.

Are they running into difficulties?

The app makes it easy to restrict features based on your child's age.
You can even choose different settings for individual items.

Controllable restrictions *

Block age-inappropriate
You can set what games your child may play, in accordance with ESRB age ratings.
Restrict open
with others
You can restrict open communication between your child and other players.
You can even set separate restrictions for individual titles.
Restrict screenshot/video
social media posts
You can prevent your child from posting screenshots/video taken with the console on social media networks.
  • Even without the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, these restrictions can also be set directly on the Nintendo Switch console itself.

A Nintendo Account is required for guardians (who must be at least 18 years old) to use the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app.

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