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Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Splatoon 3 Edition

This Nintendo Switch™ system takes on a totally fresh look from the new Splatoon™ 3 game

Ink up the Splatlands in style with this Splatoon themed Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system! Fresh features include; blue and yellow gradient Joy-Con™ controllers with a white underbelly, a white dock adorned with graffiti, and a splat-tastic design on the back of the system.

Participating retailers:

*Game not included
**LAN cable sold separately
***There may be software where the game experience may differ due to the new capabilities of the system, such as the larger screen size.

The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Edition returns!

Heads up, Trainers! The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Pokémon™ Scarlet and Violet Edition has returned to GameStop.

Enjoy a dock featuring Legendary Pokémon Koraidon & Miraidon, special illustrations of the partner Pokémon on the back & specially-designed Joy-Con controllers.

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*Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet games sold separately.

Pokémon GO Plus +

Catch Pokémon and track your rest rhythm with one device!

Pokémon GO Plus + is a new device that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to link with the Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO smart device apps!

Participating retailers:

  • Pokémon GO Plus + cannot be used with Nintendo Switch™ family systems.

  • It also cannot be used on its own.

  • This accessory requires a compatible smart device (using Android or iOS) with the Pokémon GO and/or Pokémon Sleep apps installed.

  • Pokémon GO Plus + measures sleep based on the lack of movement.

  • Before purchasing Pokémon GO Plus +, make sure to check the system requirements of this device as well as those of the apps it works with.

  • If the performance of your Pokémon GO Plus + seems unstable, it may improve if you update your operating system.

  • Please do not use Pokémon GO Plus + while operating a vehicle (car, bicycle, etc.).

  • Pokémon Sleep can also track your rest rhythm using your smart device.

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