Nintendo Switch

Polygraph: Escape from the Lie Detector

Something has happened in the city and you are the main suspect. You defend your innocence, but the investigators don't believe you and insist on giving you the dreaded polygraph test.

Your objective is clear: Don't get caught lying! If you answer any question wrongly the polygraph will detect it and you will be locked up forever in prison.


- Answer the questions before the time runs out.
- Give an identical answer to the same question.
- Alternative endings.
- Discover an important question at number 150.

Prove your innocence and dodge the polygraph!

Classificação Indicativa

Drogas Ilícitas

Modos de jogo compatíveis




Data de lançamento

21 de julho de 2022

Número de jogadores

Modos de jogo compatíveis

Modo TV, Modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

Tamanho do arquivo do jogo

220 MB

Idiomas compatíveis

Espanhol, Inglês

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