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Nintendo Switch

Battleship War: Time to Sink the Fleet

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Play the classic sea battle game. Position your ships and form a team to destroy your enemies in realistic offshore battles. Defeat ship after ship to sink the fleet.

Accomplish your objective together with all the ships of your great navy, take command of the naval forces. Place your ships in the perfect formation to prevent your opponent from sinking you. Destroy the enemy fleet in a tactical power bombardment.

- Place ships horizontally or vertically.
- The ships can touch each other at the ends.
- To make an attack you must aim at the coordinates strategically.
- 3D Ships: Assemble your fleet of battleships.

Get ready for combat, commander!

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1 de setembro de 2022

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Classificação Indicativa

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Modo TV, Modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

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354 MB

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