Nintendo Switch Sports

A free update
is required to play Golf.

Free update is available now Golf

Includes 21 holes from courses in the Wii Sports series. Judge the wind and the terrain, decide on a golf club, and swing away. Try to sink the ball in the fewest strokes possible.

Uses of the Joy-Con
Press X and take your stancePress X and
take your stance
While holding ZR
Vary up your shots to be victorious.

Swing the Joy-Con just like a golf
club. Assess the course's geometry,
pay attention to the wind's direction,
adjust your strength and
orientation, and take a swing.

Give it a little spin to bring it to the pin.

Stop your swing at just the right moment,
without following through, to add a little
backspin. This is especially handy when near
the green and trying to get the ball to the cup.