February 22 2022

A new trailer for Kirby’s latest unforgettable 3D platforming adventure introduced Mouthful Mode!

The latest trailer has been released for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which launches for the Nintendo Switch on March 25, 2022.

With Mouthful Mode, Kirby can inhale real-world objects and transform into a car to zoom around, a vending machine to attack with juice cans … or even become a piercing cone, to name just a few examples.

Car Mouth

Vending Mouth

Cone Mouth

If Kirby evolves his copy abilities at Waddle Dee’s Weapons Shop, which is located in Waddle Dee Town, his appearance will change and he’ll become even more powerful.

Can Kirby rescue the Waddle Dees and restore peace to this mysterious world?

Find out when Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches for Nintendo Switch on March 25.

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