February 22 2022

Check out the latest news about Pokémon Legends: Arceus! New Hisuian forms have been discovered—and so have Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia!

Decidueye, Typhlosion, and Samurott—the final Evolutions of your first partner Pokémon—show off their new Hisuian forms!

Decidueye (Hisuian Form)

Category: Arrow Quill Pokémon
Type: Grass/Fighting
Height: 5'3" (1.6 m)
Weight: 81.6 lbs. (37 kg)

Previously discovered appearance

Made Sturdy by Hisui’s Harsh Environment
Hisuian Decidueye has evolved to be fierce and stalwart in order to survive in the region’s harsh environments. It doesn’t have a set territory. Instead, it goes wandering in search of food to survive. Unlike in its previously discovered appearance, it tends to deliberately engage in close-range combat to overpower its opponents. However, it seems to tolerate those that do not display hostility toward it.

Its Powerful Legs Deliver Mighty Blows!
Decidueye’s legs are extremely powerful, so much so that the force of its kicks can knock trees down and shatter boulders. Its signature strategy is to fly toward opponents to deliver a kick, then follow up with a flurry of attacks using the arrow quills hidden in its wings.

Typhlosion (Hisuian Form)

Category: Ghost Flame Pokémon
Type: Fire/Ghost
Height: 5'3" (1.6 m)
Weight: 153.9 lbs. (69.8 kg)

Previously discovered appearance

A Laid-Back Pokémon
In addition to having graceful and refined movements, Hisuian Typhlosion has a very relaxed disposition and can often be seen staring into space. At such times, it is thought to be looking at spirits and the flow of life energy. It will occasionally eat wayward spirits, but it’s believed that spirits consumed in this way are then purified by the Pokémon’s flames and returned to where they belong.

It Attacks Using Its 108 Ghost Flames
Hisuian Typhlosion is usually gentle and pacifistic. However, once angered, it loses control of its emotions and incinerates opponents until not even ashes remain. It emits ghost flames—said to number as many as 108—from the fires around its neck. These flames attack the opponent all at once, adopting the countenance of ferocious beasts.

Samurott (Hisuian Form)

Category: Formidable Pokémon
Type: Water/Dark
Height: 4'11'' (1.5 m)
Weight: 128.3 lbs. (58.2 kg)

Previously discovered appearance

A Pokémon with a Cold and Heartless Nature
While Samurott’s previously discovered appearance is known to fight fairly, Hisuian Samurott is cold and heartless, and is willing to do anything to win. It is usually still and silent, but if an opponent approaches, Hisuian Samurott will thrust at it with its seamitars faster than the eye can see.

Using Tricky Movements to Make Sport of Its Opponents
Hisuian Samurott specializes in tricky tactics like surprise attacks and cheap shots. Its fierce, rapid attacks—delivered with dual-wielded seamitars that strike like torrents of waves crashing together—are a sight to behold. It is said that wounds from these attacks will not heal for many years.

Introducing Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia

Dialga (Origin Forme)

Category: Temporal Pokémon
Type: Steel/Dragon
Height: 23’ (7 m)
Weight: 1873.9 lbs. (850 kg)

Other form

Origin Forme Dialga: The Legendary Pokémon’s True Appearance
This is the true appearance of Dialga, the Legendary Pokémon that is said to control time.
Dialga has the power to warp, destroy, and create time itself. The flow of time is said to be in constant flux in the world where Origin Forme Dialga resides, always moving in different directions and different speeds. Dialga’s signature move is called Roar of Time, which generates enough energy to distort time itself.

Palkia (Origin Forme)

Category: Spatial Pokémon
Type: Water/Dragon
Height: 20'8" (6.3 m)
Weight: 1455.1 lbs. (660 kg)

Other form

Origin Forme Palkia: The Legendary Pokémon’s True Appearance
This is the true appearance of Palkia, the Legendary Pokémon that is said to control space.
Palkia has the power to warp, destroy, and create space itself. They say that the very space in the world where Origin Forme Palkia resides is in shreds, as if it had been torn to ribbons.
Palkia’s signature move is called Spacial Rend, which tears not only the target but the very space around them asunder.

Meet more of the wardens who serve special Pokémon


This elderly warden is a member of the Pearl Clan who cares for a special, blessed Pokémon. She can be quite stubborn and doesn’t trust members of the Galaxy Team or the Diamond Clan. She also shows proficiency in making medicine.


A warden and a member of the Pearl Clan who once competed against Irida in hopes of becoming the clan’s leader. She watches after two Hisuian Growlithe but has no noble Pokémon to serve. Apparently, there is a sad story behind this state of affairs...


A warden of the Pearl Clan who came to the Hisui region through a strange twist of fate. He appears to have lost his memory, unable to remember what his life was like prior to his arrival in Hisui.


A warden and member of the Diamond Clan who looks up to Adaman like an older brother. He puts on airs and is a tad quick to fight, but he cares passionately for his fellow clan members. He believes the frenzy of the nobles is a blessing from almighty Sinnoh and opposes the quelling of their frenzies.


A warden and member of the Pearl Clan who constantly and steadfastly trains his muscles in Hisui’s cold, snowy areas. Irida looks up to him like a mentor. He seems to have doubts over whether it is necessary to quell the nobles’ frenzies.


A warden from the Diamond Clan who serves a special Hisuian Braviary. She is the youngest of all the wardens and glides around in the sky in Hisuian Braviary’s grip. She has a mysterious air about her and occasionally alludes to having clairvoyant abilities.

Introducing Cogita, a mysterious figure who tells you about old legends!

Circumstances lead you to meet this person surrounded by mystery. She will tell you of legends passed down by her ancestors and claims to be friendly with a “rather remarkable Pokémon.”

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