Nintendo Direct Mini 09.17.2020

Nintendo Direct Mini
The Iconic Action-RPG Series Soars to New Heights in...

Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch

A Storied Sequel to a Monstrous Fan-Favorite RPG

Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Nintendo Switch

Get Moving in the Sequel to Fitness Boxing

Box to the beat in rhythm-based exercises

The Latest Installment of Disgaea is Here, Dood!

The zany, over-the-top battle system returns

Defend Your Turf in the Heart of a Ruthless Criminal World

Build your empire in 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago

A Terrifying Threat Draws Near in Sniper Elite 4

Stealth meets tactics in gripping third-person combat

A Quick Look at What Else is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Escape the Underworld, play against golfing pros, and survive the wilderness

Welcome to the Fantastic Land of Wonderworld

The mysterious maestro Balan is waiting for you

Begin Your Life Anew in a Fantasy World

Harvest crops, protect the town, and get married…maybe! 

Journey With Ori in This Soul-Stirring Adventure

It will take more than bravery to heal this broken land