Nintendo Direct 02.09.2022

Nintendo Direct
Two Beloved Advance Wars Games March Onto Nintendo Switch!

Take on colorful armies across two charming campaigns, reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up

An Expansive Journey Through the Universe Awaits in No Man’s Sky

Discover countless planets in this procedurally generated survival game 

Wanzers at the Ready!

The classic tactical RPG FRONT MISSION is remade for Nintendo Switch

It’s the Ultimate Disney and Pixar Racer!

Battle as legendary Disney and Pixar characters on high-speed circuits in this free-to-play combat racer

Dive Into These Classic Franchises on Nintendo Switch

Tons of action fun incoming!

The Acclaimed RPG Chrono Cross Dashes and Slashes Onto Nintendo Switch

Divine the mysteries of two interconnected worlds in this remaster

Every Pitch. Every Hit. Every Win.

Make your mark and own the show in MLB The Show 22

You’re Gonna Have Your Hands Full With These Collections!

That backlog isn’t gonna play itself, you know...

We’re So “GLaD” You’re Here!

Use the Portal Gun to escape imprisonment and find cake (maybe) in this puzzling collection

A Classic Comes Alive!

LIVE A LIVE is reborn in HD-2D on Nintendo Switch 

Get Those Taiko Drumming Skills Ready!

Drum away to over 70 songs, including the main theme from The Legend of Zelda 

What’s New With These Nintendo Switch Games?

Get all the latest deets here! (Is that what the cool kids say?) 

Hey, Something’s Bound for Nintendo Switch!

Fight dozens of eccentric enemies across two unforgettable RPGs  

LOOK OUT! Zombies! Demons! And...Uh...College?

Don’t worry, it’s all scary good fun!