Nintendo Switch Sports


Read your opponent's move, find the weak spot, and make your move in this combat sport. Choose from three types of sword, and wield two Joy-Cons to control two swords!

Uses of the Joy-Con
Hold down ZR

You can enjoy Twin Swords with two Joy-Con controllers.

Take control of the breathless game.

The trick to winning is first to calmly deflect
your opponent's attacks.
Cross swords with your opponent to guard,
and find the right time to counter attack.

Find out the characteristics of the swords.

Each sword type has its own characteristics.
Finding the sword that matches your
playstyle would be the key to winning.

  • Sword

    The power of a single blow is among the strongest.

  • Charge Sword

    Guard attacks to build up Energy
    and strike a special Charge Attack.

    Charge Sword
  • Twin Swords

    Fight with two swords.
    Win over the match with a Spinning Strike.

    Twin Swords