• Banana

    Spins karts that drive over it.

  • Triple Bananas

    Three bananas will orbit your kart.

  • Green Shell

    Travels in a straight line and knocks over the first kart it hits.

  • Triple Green Shells

    Three green shells will orbit your kart.

  • Red Shell

    Homes in on the kart in front of you and knocks it over.

  • Triple Red Shells

    Three red shells will orbit your kart.

  • Spiny Shell

    Homes in on the lead kart and knocks it over.

  • Bob-omb

    Explodes after a certain period of time or when a kart hits it.
    Karts caught in the blast will spin or be knocked over.

  • Mushroom

    Gives your kart a short boost.

  • Triple Mushrooms

    Three dash mushrooms will orbit your kart.

  • Golden Mushroom

    For a period of time, use a dash mushroom with each press of the L Button.

  • Bullet Bill

    Transform into Bullet Bill for a while.
    You will speed along the course automatically, knocking over any karts you hit.

  • Blooper

    Shoots ink at all karts in front of you, obscuring their vision for a while.

  • Lightning

    Lighting falls on your rivals and destroys any items they're holding.
    They'll also be shrunk and slowed down for a while.

  • Super Star

    Makes you invincible for a while.
    Your speed is also increased and any kart you hit will be knocked over.

  • Fire Flower

    For a while, each press of the L Button throws a fireball.
    Karts hit by a fireball will spin.

  • Boomerang Flower

    Throws a boomerang up to three times.
    Any karts hit will spin.

  • Piranha Plant

    A piranha plant will be attached to the front of your vehicle for a while.
    And when it bites, your kart will also get a small boost.

  • Super Horn

    Emits a large sonic blast to knock away nearby karts and items.

  • Crazy Eight

    Eight items will orbit your kart. Pressing L uses the item currently in front of you.

  • Coin

    Gives you two Coins.
    The more Coins you have, the faster your kart becomes.

  • Feather

    Your kart jumps high into the air, allowing you to fly over items like bananas and shells.
    * Only available in Battle mode.

  • Boo

    Your kart turns invisible for a while and you'll pass through items like bananas and shells.
    In addition, you'll steal items from rival players.