Introducing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Tracks over every terrain! Races, battles – everything is deluxe!

Mario and his friends hit the track deluxe-style in this definitive Mario Kart! An all-series high of 42 characters race underwater, in the air and everywhere between!

The Drift, the Rocket Start, the Mini-Turbo, the Spin Turn... Pull out all the stops to win!

You'll get all kinds of items as you race. Make opponents spin by throwing shells... Dash ahead using mushrooms... Use your items wisely to turn the tide!

Swap out parts and customise your ride! Then hit the track in your favourite fastest vehicle!


Create your machine with three customisable parts: vehicle, tires and glider wing!

You can swap out parts to race in a style that suits you. All parts can be obtained by collecting coins as you race.

The parts you choose control your vehicle's parameters!

Karts, bikes... All different vehicles to choose from.

Battle with family and friends!

Bring Nintendo Switch consoles together to battle with up to 8 people at the same time!