Setting up Controllers

Some preparation is required in order to use a controller.
See the pages below for information on setting up different types of controllers.

*For information on charging Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, see "How to Charge". *For information on connecting multiple controllers at the same time, see here.

Playing with multiple controllers

You can use up to 8 controllers at the same time, either wirelessly or via a wired connection, simply by pairing the controllers with the console.


*The number of players who can actually play at any one time depends on the title and game mode being used.

'Controllers' in the HOME Menu

How many controllers can I pair with my console at the same time?

How to pair a controller (When using Nintendo Switch)

How to pair a controller (When using Nintendo Switch Lite)

Maximum number of players when using controllers attached to a Joy-Con grip

The left and right Joy-Con controllers still count as one controller each, even when they're attached to a Joy-Con grip.

A Joy-Con pair in a grip


Number of players

1 Joy-Con grip in use (the illustrated example above)

Up to 7 people

4 Joy-Con grips in use

Up to 4 people

How can I change the controller order?

On the HOME Menu, select "Controllers" → "Change Grip/Order". Then pair the controllers you want to play with in order, following the instructions on the screen.

*On the "Change Grip/Order" screen, you can only pair up to 4 controllers. To pair 5 or more controllers, go to the HOME Menu "Controllers" screen (the screen before "Change Grip/Order"), and press a button on each extra controller to pair it there. (You don't have to use the L + R Buttons to pair. Any button will do.)

Change Grip/Order