[Switch] My save data disappeared. What happened?

Save data for games is stored in the system memory, with separate data storage for each player playing the game. (More details here)

In circumstances such as those listed below, your save data will appear to be gone even though it is in fact still there. Please check that you are playing on the same console and as the same user as before.

  • You are playing on a different console.

  • You have selected a different user.

If you are still unable to locate your save data, check if you may have erased it by carried out one of the actions below.

Situations in which save data is erased

Save data is not automatically deleted. It is only deleted when one of the following actions is performed by the user.

  • Deleting save data

  • Transferring save data

  • Deleting a user

  • Transferring a user

  • Initializing console

* When data is transferred, it is deleted from the original location but can still be found as save data on the destination console.
* There is no way to restore deleted data.

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